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If you’ve watched the video on the homepage then you’ll understand what the Mindset Academy is all about. 
It’s about creating a community of Awesome People who inspire each other. It’s about me sharing my learning from my own personal-development journey as well of some of the coaching tools, mind hacks and skills that I use as a coach. 
But most of all it’s about making personal-development truly personal. It’s not just about sharing tools and techniques, you probably know most of them and there are plenty of websites and books that will teach you all of the latest stuff. 
The thing is though, none of it works unless you know how to apply it.  You know, like which tool is the most appropriate for the job in hand. It’s no use me handing you a saw if you’re trying bake a cake. 
So let me know what you’d like to learn more about. Is it negative self talk, staying motivated, confidence or something else? 
Let me know. What are your challenges? Let’s get to know each other and I’ll start creating content that’s more tailored to you rather than me guessing. 
Don’t forget to like and share the Facebook page. That’s where the short and frequent stuff gets posted. This site is for the longer and more in-depth training and videos. 
How to comment

Most posts will have comments enabled. In order to leave a comment, you will need to add your email address. This won’t be displayed on the site or used for anything. It’s just that the commenting mechanism requires an email to work. 

Sadly some peoplelike to spam blogs so I have comment moderation turned on. This means that you won’t see your comment immediately. I’ll process them as soon as I can. 

Use this page for general comments that don’t apply to a specific blog post. 

Looking forward to hearing from you. 

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