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Exploring NLP Part 3

NLP Principles Part 3

When you begin a task, your mindset will play a huge part in your ability to succeed.

This is a simple check to ensure that you’re giving yourself the best start.

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Exploring NLP Part 2

Part 2 of the Series of NLP Principles –

Would like your life to run smoother and with less stress?
Would like your relationships to be easier?

Then keep this principle in mind. If you haven’t watched part 1 yet then I’d suggest that you take a look first to get an idea of what the principles are all about.

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Exploring NLP part 1

This video is the start of a mini-series exploring the principles and concepts of NLP.

It’s not about tips and techniques as many of the previous videos have been. It’s about your personal exploration of NLP and how you can really harness its power in your life.

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Influencing with Anchors

You are being influenced by others every second that you are awake.
You are also influencing others in many situations too.
This use for anchors will help you in 2 ways:
  • Becoming a better influencer
  • Understanding when you are being influenced (especially when that influence crosses the line into manipulation)

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The Structure of Positive Thinking

Language has a structure, we call it grammar and it consists of sentences, paragraphs, punctuation and other things.

Positive Thinking has a structure too and the more that you understand it then the more tools you have at your disposal, for influencing yourself as well as others.

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